Custom DJ Gear: It Defines Who You Are As A Disc Jockey

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Custom DJ Gear: It Defines Who You Are As A Disc Jockey


There are very few groups in the world of DJing that have executed the same path that Walter Peterson is spinning his business around. Peterson, also known as DJ Rekkon is an idea man at heart. He produces ideas into tangible products, which are then shipped to disc jockeys around the world. His home base is in Burlington, Vermont where he’s an active disc jockey in the local scene, and an inspiring artist in the craft of custom DJ accessories and equipment. Rekkon’s craft has been internationally recognized because of the unique approach he developed, which is the combination of art and science with a mixture of production. He gained a lot of experience from continuous experimentation over a diverse array of projects. Rekkon says that what he does “is an art that you have to appreciate, it’s not for everyone.” The unlimited amount of appreciation and passion that Rekkon has for custom DJ equipment, has given him amazing opportunities that has his home community following his adventure through his stories on social media.

It wasn’t until the mid 90’s when it became more popular for DJs to decorate their setup with custom designs. That was the general time when Rekkon started his own DJ service company Digilog Studios, in 1996. After fifteen years of spinning records with non decorated equipment (now we’re in 2011), Rekkon had noticed another local disc jockey and how his setup always looked unique with custom stickers. Andy “A_Dog” Williams, who is peacefully at rest, is remembered for many wonderful things, including his desire and limitless effort to manage his own DJ brand and every bit of marketing. That’s something Rekkon admired about A_Dog, because having your own unique style adds to the definition of who you are as a DJ.

In late April 2015, Rekkon established Digilog Designs, and since then has carried it around the globe. Rekkon says that he wouldn’t have been able to do so, if it weren’t for Christopher Lisle, who is a phenomenal photographer and graphic designer from Waterbury, Vermont. Christopher helped Rekkon get Digilog Designs off of the ground by constructing a user friendly and professional website, and great ideas to enhance the business. In October 2016, Rekkon expanded his business with an investment of a specialty printer, which moved the greater portion of his work under one roof. His most popular products are custom vinyl, which he did a fantastic job producing our official Church Street DJs serato control vinyl that are available to order on our website. Other projects that Digilog Designs has excelled include refacing faceplates on turntables, mixers and CDJs which has been notable throughout his industry and his home community.

This artistic craft has been around for over twenty years, and Rekkon’s business has been steadily growing for almost three years. The other players in the game include 12inchSkinzStyle Flip, and a particular individual, Eric Orr. Much of Rekkon’s inspiration has stemmed from Eric Orr, who is a profound artist and designer from New York City. Orr begun his career in 1978 painting in the NYC subway stations as a collaboration with Keith Haring. During that time he created a character named “Robothead” which took the custom DJ gear industry by storm. Orr introduced Serato to the people’s interest in custom gear, and now have a wide array of products distributed around the internet. Visit the Turntable Lab to check out some of Orr’s products.

Rekkon’s ultimate vision for Digilog Designs is greater than himself. He hopes to develop it into a company that will make a difference for his two children, when they’re ready to take over the family business. Until then, Rekkon continues to collaborate with other companies like his best friend’s custom business, Catalyst Designs, and internationally recognized companies such as DJCityinMusic, and Red Bull. His work with Red Bull has flown him to events like the Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championship in Chile. His work with DJCity has raised his opportunities to reach greater limits and challenge his artistic skill set. Being unique is very important and also difficult to achieve and maintain, so Rekkon is always trying new ideas and always pushing the envelope after some 400 designs since 2015. It is because of the support he receives from his peers and the worldwide market of DJ enthusiasts that has Rekkon pursuing his artistic craft in new and improved ways.

There are all types of orders that are reaching out to Digilog Designs. The type of projects that Rekkon loves most are from clients who want a basic idea to be implemented, with plenty of lee-room to allow Rekkon to do what he does best. Clients will tell him “just do your own thing” and 100% of the time his clients are satisfied. If the design comes out different than expected, Rekkon’s first conscious is to redo it until he is satisfied with his own work. “Anyone with some sort of experience and drive to want to change the face of a piece of equipment, can do it” says Rekkon. He loves the idea of spending his energy and money into something that resonates with his close friends and peers as something memorable and limited.

Josh Kerman